Multi-Stage Scrubber

In many cases, several technologies must be integrated together to provide adequate removal and treatment efficiencies. TNBi’s experience includes the engineering and manufacturing of customized Multi Stage Scrubbers utilizing the following combination of equipment:

  • Quench, Venturi Scrubber and/or Packed Tower
  • Venturi Scrubber and Mult1-Stage Packed Tower
  • Quench and Venturi Scrubber
  • Quench and Packed Tower
  • Venturi and Packed Tower


  • Quench Section addition can handle Inlet Temp. up to 1100 Deg. c.
  • Additional Mist eliminator section in Cyclonic Separator to Improve mist elimination efficiency
  • Packed bed section for Gaseous pollutant
  • Chimney Tray to separate liquid loops
  • Mist eliminator spray for on-line cleaning